Team Tara

Our Mission:


“Life is hard. You fall, then you get back up.
Then you keep going. Hope is not magic.
Hope is hard-won. Hope is not what you have.
Hope is what you do.”  

~ Frank Bures


Our Mission

To inspire and empower people of all ages and life experiences to take hopeful and productive steps to help conquer cancer.

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Team Co-Captains


“Cancer is a relentless beast that far too many men, women, and children will face in their lifetime. Thus far, I am one of the lucky ones; there was medicine for my type and stage of breast cancer. I had the gift of hope and remain eternally grateful to my family and friends as well as to my incredible medical team at The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I will not rest until every cancer patient has that same gift. I will walk every September until we find a find a cure or until I cannot walk anymore. Best of all, I will walk with a team of people with the same dream and hope for a cure.” ~Tara Shuman


“Team Tara means many things to many people.  To our DFCI community, it means an opportunity to continue channeling passion and commitment for a cure. To the Jimmy Fund Walk staff, it means collaborating with the largest Walk team toward reaching a common goal.  To our team members, it means a positive way to honor a loved one, support an important cause, socialize, and exercise.  To everyone involved, it means hope.  To me, it is all that and more.  It means connecting people who share a common bond, building life-long friendships, organizing events, and joining forces to build a powerful community capable of making a difference!”  ~Amy Killeen


Our Impact

Over our first six years as a team, Team Tara has raised over $770,000 for cancer patients and research at The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. We have focused our efforts on cancers that have traditionally received less financial support, including lung, pancreatic, and metastatic colon cancer. Every two years we choose to honor a particular individual and a new research effort but we remain focused on our mission: to inspire and empower people to take steps to help conquer cancer.



2018 Team Members

Team Tara grew to over 300 walkers in 2018.


Money raised IN 2018

Team Tara raised a grand total of $243,897 for the 2018 Jimmy Fund Walk.


Total amount raised

Since Team Tara began in 2014, we have raised $767,904 to help fund cancer research.